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    Welcome to the online shop of our Flexor products.

    From this section you can purchase products from the Flexor website with the convenience of being able to receive them at home and the ease of payment by credit card or finance the payment. Always with the Flexor guarantee.





    Flexor uses different technologies for the development and manufacture of its insoles, always trying to adapt them to the needs of its customers. Our main objective is to maximise the user’s comfort and minimise their ailments and difficulties.

    Orthopaedic Section

    Visit our Flexor Comfort category to find the orthopaedic insole best suited to your needs (sport, work, casual) including additional accessories such as heel cushions, toe protectors and toe lifts. As well as in our Postmastectomy category we offer solutions for mastectomy patients. Aesthetic solutions (swimwear and corsetry) as well as breast prosthesis (silicone and textile).
    In order to be able to offer a complete service we also offer health products and general technical support such as blood pressure monitors, bandages and regenerative creams for prolonged treatments, etc…

    Sports section

    We offer different solutions of customised insoles for different sports such as football, running, padel and even cycling. Sports insoles with Memory Foam and socks specially prepared to treat plantar fasciitis.

    Trekking and hiking section

    Products specially designed for trekking and hiking with high quality and different finishes.
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