We manufacture insoles and anatomical comfort elements

Our challenge is to meet the needs of each customer in order to increase comfort in any type of shoe, using our state-of-the-art technology. We are experts in the design, development and manufacture of insoles and anatomical elements for the feet, especially in latex foam. Commitment, innovation, quality and technology is what distinguishes us around the world, being part of the best footwear brands.


Semi insoles

Heel cushions



Innovation and technology

We work every day to enhance the quality of our insoles. With a large R&D team, we are able to implement the latest trends in technological innovation to create the best elements for manufacturing, aimed at achieving comfort, elegance and well-being for people. In addition, with the commitment to contribute to the care of the environment, we developed an ECO line with multiple advantages.


Recycled ECO latex base, designed to achieve the best adaptability in shoes and provide comfort in each step.

LAT -air

Breathable latex insoles and very comfortable plantar elements.

LAT -air complet

Breathable latex insoles that incorporate the lining, in leather or fabric, without the use of adhesives.

DOP -air

Breathable latex insoles and very comfortable plantar elements.

Project development

Sell your shoes, we take care of the insoles. We offer an integral and personalized service to manufacture the best quality with the best technology. We design and develop everything according to our customers' needs.

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About Us

We work every day with the firm objective of taking care of your health. We design and manufacture insoles and accessories according to the highest quality standards and always implementing the best technology in foot biomechanics.

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