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What we offer you?

We manufacture insoles and anatomical elements of the highest quality, betting on development and technological innovation, in order to offer a solution to the health and comfort of people through the use of the best instruments for the study of the foot biomechanics.

Solutions for the fabrication of plantar orthotics

We offer a comprehensive solution so that you have the right instruments for the study of the biomechanics of the foot and the manufacture of insoles tailored to each patient, with the best quality materials and elements.

Walking stick

We have a wide variety of walking sticks that offer well-being, elegance and comfort to all people with reduced mobility. More than 30 years in the industry have made Cavip By Flexor an alternative of quality and comfort.

Insoles to relieve pain

With the faithful commitment to offer comfort and health to people, we design and develop insoles to alleviate different ailments, always providing the best quality and technology in foot biomechanics.

Insoles and elements for
shoes manufacturing

We have top quality elements and advanced machinery to manufacture high-end and large scale insoles.

Accessories and insoles for
shoe repair accessories

We have available the best products for shoe repair, as well as a wide variety of insoles that will cover all the needs of our customers.

Customized project development

Do you have a project? We take care of helping you to carry it out, from the development to the product in hand. We advise you to have your own templates, along with the technological development that only Flexor can offer.

About Us

  • We are specialists in foot biomechanics.
  • Since 1963 we provide health and comfort to people.
  • We design and manufacture insoles with our exclusive technology, guaranteeing comfort in our products.
  • We use first quality materials to ensure comfort and elegance in the final work.
  • We distribute to more than 50 countries.
  • Our fundamentals are based on Design, Development, Innovation, Technology and Quality.

Flexor manufacturing technologies

At Flexor we offer different technologies for the manufacturing of insoles and we choose the best solution according to the customer’s requirements. We are a team of specialists who work every day to offer innovation, development and quality, always looking towards a future that improves people’s quality of life.



Through its permanent elasticity, latex foam offers unsurpassed comfort and high sweat absorption as a thermo-regulating effect.

ECO Latex

ECO Latex

We have developed a new line committed to the environment that guarantees the best quality and excellent comfort. ECO insoles adapt to all types of feet.



Dop-Air insoles are made of a Foamy, elastic memory material covered with breathable fabric. This type of material is very good for shock absorption and comfort feeling.



Technical insoles and last generation resin reinforcements to provide stability and control in the most technical requirements of health and sport.



Insoles made of rubbery EVA material manufactured with CAM or thermo-molding technology to provide stability and comfort in foot health applications.



Rubber insoles and elements in different types of hardness and materials to provide rigidity and long wear for foot care applications.

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We invite you to visit our site and find all the solutions you need at your fingertips.

Technical materials

Find here the best materials for your insoles, which will provide greater elegance and comfort

SPORT Insoles

Improve your sports performance and reduce the risk of injury FlexorSport insoles are designed for all types of sports activities.

Insoles and elements

Through the biomechanics of the foot we offer innovative solutions, quality and advanced technology, while maintaining a great tradition of craftsmanship.


The SENSOPIE project will develop intelligent insoles for diabetic foot care and monitoring.

Visit our online store

In our store you will find a wide variety with the best quality and comfort. We have all kinds of orthopedic products to improve your quality of life. Make your purchase and receive your order within 24 hours.

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